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Steve Cooper has been working with The Downs Netball Club for over 3 seasons. He is a highly experienced Sports Science graduate who specialises in strength and conditioning and it’s interaction with psychology for a range of sports. Steve has been working with The Downs players for a number of years to help develop a high performance program that works throughout the club around the commitments of a job and/or education.

Steve has gained a reputation for especially helping younger players learn the techniques of training safely in a gym depending on their particular physical characteristics. He has an acute specialisation for spotting and solving problems around body posture and balance to optimise performance and minimise chances of sports injuries.

Along with The Downs, Steve has worked with elite ski-racers, sailors, and swimmers, amongst many other team and individual sports at varying levels.

This year he is running 2 x 6 week sessions from September to December.

He has two time slots at 6pm and 7pm.

The costs are £60 for 6weeks, and £100 for 12 weeks (although prices may vary if rental rates change with the venue).  Please make sure to bring at least one large sports bottle for hydration and preferably some healthy post-exercise snacks to optimise recovery and ongoing performance gains, as much of the benefits of exercise can be lost with some basic errors.  Clothing should be appropriate for high intensity work and include something warm to put on afterwards.

To join Steve on a Monday night at Glyn School KT17 1NB please register below.

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