Hall of fame


Over the years there have been many Downs players who became England international players.

This Hall of Fame lists players who have played for The Downs and also England.
The Downs Netball Club
Eunice Smith (nee Charles) – England Captain, played in 2nd and 3rd World Tournaments

Barbara Rose (nee Hamill)

Anne Davies (nee Norvell) Played in 2nd World Tournament

Linda Taylor (nee Scovell) – England Captain – Played in 3rd and 4th World Tournaments

Madelaine Dwan

Denise Pilgrim (nee Hunter)

Sheila Hartley (nee Byrne) – England Captain

Alison Spink (nee Keyte)

Natalie Swift (nee Andrews)

Ebony Beckford-Chambers Current

Rachel Dunn

Hannah Reid

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