Sterling Health and Fitness Terms and Conditions

By applying for this course the parent/guardian gives full permission for their child to participate in fitness training.

Training for netball requires a lot of physical exertion and it is your responsibility as the parent guardian to ensure that your child is fully fit to train before sending her on the fitness sessions.  Full disclosure of any existing conditions and concerns needs to be given if they do exist.

Sports injuries can occur as part of normal participation in sports and training and Sterling cannot be held responsible for any such injury which may occur.

It is also important that players wear suitable trainers in good condition and bring plenty of water, food and sunscreen and wear appropriate clothing for the day or evening.

We would also advise you to discuss the need for appropriate care of personal belongings with your child as these are not the responsibility of Sterling coaches.

All participants must be registered before participating and sign out/be picked up at the end of the day/session.



If the participant withdraws after being accepted refunds will not be made.

In the unlikely event that the course is cancelled a full refund will be given.

In the event of severe weather conditions or cancellation of a session, credit for another session will be given.



Photographs may be taken of participants during the course of activities and used for promotional material however they would normally be checked/cleared with participants beforehand. If a participant has strong views about not having their image publicised, please send an email to with your request along with your daughter’s name.



All Participants are covered by Public Liability Insurance whilst attending Sterling sessions.

Sterling Health & Fitness cannot be held responsible for any act, omission or loss of damage unless proven to be caused by Sterling Health & Fitness negligence.

Sterling Health & Fitness advises all participants to take out their own personal liability insurance. Sterling Health & Fitness and do not take responsibility for events that are outside of their control.

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