Parent Code of Conduct

We love parent and carers who are willing to help and bring a positive vibe to The Downs. We want to win as much as you do and we want your daughter to progress to elite level netball.  We are very experienced at developing players and it is a long journey to elite level.  If you want the best, as we do and in order to help us help you; or more importantly your daughter, it is important we are all operating with the same values. This way all players, coaches and officials can have fun, feel safe and enjoy netball. As a parent it is important to understand and abide by the following code.

  1. Support all players, coaches and officials kindly and positively- Incredible as it may seem sometimes, people make mistakes please offer encouragement and not criticism.
  2. Respect the opposition. How would you like your son or daughter to be treated.
  3. Listen to the coach and where she/he is asking you to stand during training and matches. Often there are a lot of hazards and it is important that the coach keeps the area clear and safe.
  4. Allow the players to learn the game for themselves. No matter how much you may want to, you are not the one playing the game. Only the players can learn for themselves. Help us by asking your daughter at the end of the game,”Did you achieve what the coach wanted from you or did you do what you planned to do.”
  5. Allow the Coaches to Coach! If you want to take up coaching please call me asap. We are happy to support you through your coaching levels.
  6. Don’t criticise the umpire publically. End of!
  7. Be a good role model. Don’t be a raging touchline parent or crazy competitive lunatic.
  8. Appreciate Good play from all teams. Ensure all players and officials are made to feel welcome.
  9. Communicate Please reply to managers with regard to playing availability. Also please communicate directly with the Coach/Manager or Debbie Taylor and don’t be a moaning minnie to other parents. They may actually be having a good day and feeling very happy with life and how their daughter is playing. We like to create a positive atmosphere.
  10. Help Please be willing to help. You get out what you put in.

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