Junior Code of Conduct

To help you and others in The Downs netball family have fun, feel safe and enjoy netball, you are expected to agree to the following standards of behaviour.

NEVER bully, use inappropriate language or post anything unkind on social media

ENSURE  you wear the correct kit.

TEAM WORK makes the netball dream work!!! Encourage and give positive feedback to your team mates and recognise their good play and behavior. Be welcoming to all new players.

BE  respectful of your coaches, managers, officials, team mates and opposition.

ALWAYS play by the rules

LISTEN to my coach, take their advice on board and try my best at all times

LET your team manager or coach know if you leave training or a match venue. Communicate Communicate Communicate!

SHOW great sportsmanship by being modest in victory and gracious in defeat. Always leave everything on the court and thank the opposition and officials after the game.

LOVE and enjoy playing Netball.

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