England Netball T& C’s and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions
By signing and returning your membership registration form (available here: 
https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/membership/membership-fees-forms/), you are entering into a membership contract with England Netball subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Please note that you will also be entering into a membership contract with your Netball Club/Young Persons’ Group (if applicable), County Netball Association and Regional Management Board who are joint controllers of your personal data. Please contact them directly for further information.

Membership Period

The membership period runs from 1 September to 31 August every year. Memberships are valid from the date cleared funds are received by England Netball until 31 August. 

Membership Fees

The membership fee must be paid in full and England Netball must be in receipt of the full fee before membership benefits can be accessed and discounts redeemed. You will not be compensated for any benefits or opportunities that were available before receipt of payment. 

England Netball membership fees are fixed for the duration of the membership period, no matter what point in the membership period you join; the full membership fee will apply whether you join in September, or later in the membership period. For the sake of clarity, all memberships expire on the 31 August, and are due for renewal on 1 September every year. 

It is the responsibility of each netball group to ensure that the membership fees are paid to England Netball (or authorised intermediary as appointed by the Board)*.

Membership Benefits

Details of your membership benefits can be found online here: 
https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/membership/membership-benefits/ and include the Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer netball magazines (subject to your membership fees being paid in full before the release dates. Members aged 18 years and under will receive digital copies in place of the print magazine); regular news and information (based on your communication preferences); a downloadable membership card; partner discounts; preferential rates on England Netball Education and Training courses*; information, advice and support direct from England Netball’s County, Regional and National networks, including England Netball qualified Coaches and Umpires; Personal Injury insurance* and Liability insurance (limit of indemnity £10,000,000). Please note that Social and Supporting members are not eligible for Personal Injury insurance and Back to Netball members are only covered for Personal Injury and Liability during England Netball’s Back to Netball sessions and England Netball’s Back to Netball festivals. We reserve the right to change the benefits that apply to membership at any time and without prior notice.

Further information about the insurance policy can be viewed here: 

Fulfilment of some membership benefits may rely on accurate postal and email addresses, and accurate dates of birth being held on record in MyNet, England Netball’s online membership portal. You will have access to this information via a login and are responsible for ensuring that your contact information is kept up-to-date, or requesting that we update this for you. Any delay to the access of, or subsequent loss of, a membership benefit resulting from incorrect or invalid contact information being provided, or out of date contact information being held, will not be compensated. 

Your membership is non-transferable, and unused benefits cannot be carried over to the following membership year.

The Social and Supporting Membership is a non-playing membership category and does not cover participation in netball training and/or competition. Players must “first claim” to their netball club with a Playing Membership category (i.e. Individual Membership). Non-playing coaches and officials must “first claim” to their County Netball Association (i.e. Independent Membership). Coaches and officials that also play netball, may also register with their netball club (i.e. Individual Membership).

Overseas Members

Overseas members will receive a digital copy of the netball magazine in place of the print magazine; insurance exclusions may apply. Please contact 
affiliations@englandnetball.co.uk for further information. 

Cooling Off Period

Upon entering into a membership contract, you are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period (unless you have accessed membership services during this period); after this time cancellations and refunds cannot be processed. If you wish to cancel your membership, you must notify us within these 14 days in writing, by letter (addressed to Customer Services, England Netball, SportPark, 3 Oakwood Drive, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 3QF) or email. 


The membership regulations can be viewed here: 
https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/app/uploads/2018/04/MembershipRegulations19September2015_1.pdf; Articles of Association can be viewed here: https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/app/uploads/2016/03/EN-Articles-of-Association-Sept-2017-1.pdf; Memorandum of Association can be viewed here: https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/app/uploads/2016/03/memo-of-assoc_2017.pdf and England Netball’s Codes of Conduct can be viewed here: https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/Conduct_and_Disciplinary_Regulations

Amendments to our Terms and Conditions

If we amend our terms and conditions, any changes will be published on our website. If necessary, this will be brought to your attention.

These terms and conditions were last updated on: 24/05/2018.

*Individual and Independent members only

Privacy Statement
Privacy Statement
England Netball is required by law to retain the personal information provided on your membership registration form for six years after the expiry of your membership. After this time, your information will be destroyed or anonymised. The lawful basis for processing your data is “Performance of a Contract”.

Your personal information will be added to England Netball’s online membership portal, MyNet, which you will also have access to. You will receive an email from MyNet once your membership has been registered with further information about how you can access your record. If you do not receive this email, please contact 
affiliations@englandnetball.co.uk so that this can be investigated.

Access to MyNet allows you to maintain the accuracy and completeness of your personal data and allows you to update and manage your communication preferences. We encourage you to update your preferences at your earliest convenience and to keep your preferences updated on an ongoing basis. You will be sent a link to your preference centre once your registration form has been processed.

Where we have given you (or where you have chosen) a password that enables you to access certain parts of our website, or membership portal, it is your responsibility to safeguard your password against the possibility that others may use it to gain unauthorised access. Do not store your password anywhere, in written or electronic form, or give it to someone else. Please let 
affiliations@englandnetball.co.uk know if any record containing your password is lost or stolen or if you think there has been a possibility that your security has been breached.

Your personal information will be available to your Netball Club/Young Persons’ Group, County Netball Association, your Regional Management Board and any affiliated league you request entry to for the fulfilment of the membership contract but these organisations will not contact you for anything outside of these obligations without your consent.

England Netball requests gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity and disability data for the purpose of identifying the existence or absence of equality of opportunity, with a view to enabling such equality to be promoted or maintained. You don’t have to provide this information and have the option to select “Prefer Not to Say”. Please note that where information is omitted on your registration form, “Prefer not to say” will be applied by default.

We may process the personal data that members provide for the purposes of research. This is to ensure that we are offering the best service that we can, to understand trends and enable us to improve delivery of the sport. We use the information to create aggregated summary statistics only.  From time to time, we may contact members to take part in additional research to support the development and improvement of the sport. However, there is no obligation to take part in the research.  England Netball employees, or an external processor on our behalf, may carry out this research. For young people age under 16 we will seek parental or guardian consent.

You have the following rights: a right of access to a copy of your personal data; a right to object to processing that is likely to cause or is causing damage or distress; a right to prevent processing for direct marketing; a right to object to decisions being taken by automated means; in certain circumstances to have inaccurate personal data rectified, blocked, erased or destroyed; and a right to claim compensation for damages caused by a breach of the Act. Full details can be found on how to exercise these rights, along with further information about what data we collect, why it is collected, and what we do with it, in our full Privacy Policy, which can be found here 

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