Terms of Subscription

Joining The Downs is a commitment

I am the parent/Guardian of the named child on the registration form and give my permission for her to participate in all training sessions and matches organised by The Downs Netball Club. The Downs Netball Club personnel look forward to working with your child to improve and develop her netball skills.


This means prioritizing The Downs and Netball as your sport. It is important to communicate your priorities with all stake holders before the season starts in order to remove the stress when clashes happen. We say this because in the past girls have had to juggle other sports with Netball or Superleague/County team selection. This means when it comes to matches and tournaments the team finds itself  without players.

You also need to consider holiday dates and occasions around your netball and please communicate in advance any clashes with your team manager and coach. If you need help or would like to discuss your commitments please do not hesitate to contact your coach directly.


At The Downs subs pay for facilities, coaching, match fees and umpires etc. What this means in terms of match day selection is that court time cannot be guaranteed for everyone, on every occasion.  We select based on your ability to perform not only as an individual but also in combination with other players on the court and consideration of the opposition.

Netball is a fast and exciting sport requiring a lot of physical exertion and it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is fully fit before sending her to a training session, tournament or match. Sports injuries rarely occur as part of normal participation and The Downs Netball Club cannot be held responsible for any such injury which may occur. On this basis we cannot offer refunds for periods of injury. It is also important that players wear suitable trainers in good condition.

We would also advise you to discuss the need for appropriate care of personal belongings with your child as these are not the responsibility of the organisers. It would be advisable for you, as the parent/guardian to ensure that your child is brought to the courts on arrival and collected from the courts at the end of the session.

Parents/guardians are allowed to watch their daughter train or play. The coaches at The Downs are very experienced, please allow them to do their job. We do allow coaching by parents to the children during training times or matches. If you are interested in becoming a coach or official please let us know and we are willing to support you through the qualifications.

Performance takes time and it is important that children are allowed to make mistakes and learn and grow as a player.

Please always encourage your daughter to listen to the coach and remember the things she does well. Please also encourage other children by not criticising or putting down another member of the team. We encourage positive support and good behavior by all concerned.

Please also understand that your Subscription pays for courts, and competition entry along with paying coaches on a minimal basis. It does NOT pay for the running of the club which is done by volunteers. Please think before you complain and please seek to understand first. If you wish to help volunteer in the club please do not hesitate to contact Natalie on natalie.swift@downsnetballclub.co.uk. We have plenty of roles available.


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