Junior Club Subscription Page 2021/22

Being a member of The Downs is an honour and before you make your decision to join The Downs I want to raise your awareness or remind you that you are joining a high performance club. This means a number of things;


This means prioritizing The Downs and Netball as your sport. It is important to communicate your priorities with all stake holders before the season starts in order to remove the stress when clashes happen. We say this because in the past girls have had to juggle other sports with Netball or Superleague/County team selection. This means when it comes to matches and tournaments the team finds itself  without players.

You also need to consider holiday dates and occasions around your netball and please communicate in advance any clashes with your team manager and coach. If you need help or would like to discuss your commitments please do not hesitate to contact your coach directly.


At The Downs subs pay for facilities, coaching, match fees and umpires etc. What this means in terms of match day selection is that court time cannot be guaranteed for everyone, on every occasion.  We select based on your ability to perform not only as an individual but also in combination with other players on the court and consideration of the opposition.

Are you ready for this!! Let’s do it…

To join Downs please start by signing up below.

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